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has oil prices soaring. how will the cost of fuel impact the pentagon, the world's biggest single energy user? plus will the iraqi military be ready to guarantee the country's security after u.s. forces withdraw in december? but, first, the chief of navel operations, admirable gary roughhead recently joined reporters from defense news and other gann et media publications to discuss service personnel programs. we bring you excerpts from our wide-ranging interview. we start with personnel levels. in september, admirable roughhead said the navy should have 375,00 sailors but dropped that number. we asked him what changed. >> as we look at the end strength and it's not so much how many people should be in the navy, it really is what are the jobs in the navy and then how many people do you need to perform those functions. so it's very easy to say, well, you know, navy has x amount of people, so that's where we want to be. but what we constantly do as we go through the budget process is we're looking at the forestructure and the functions that have to be performed, and then how do you s
tv. three former high-level pentagon insiders take a critical look at how the defense department operates. thomas christie, franklin spinney and pierre sprey are contributors to the book the pentagon labyrinth. >> good evening. thanks for being with us tonight. i am the executive vice president for the world security institute. the institute is the nonprofit organization that is home to the center for defense information and our military reform project whose latest work the capacity the cut pentagon labyrinth is recently gathered here tonight. the goal of the straus military reform project is to transform u.s. national-security to meet the threats of today. and believes it is essentials that we consider both the fiscal and the strategic implications of the defense programs. and it promotes informed oversight in the pentagon activities. the pentagon labyrinth is edited by the project director winslow wheeler are who is one of an extraordinary group of experts, pentagon insiders and retired military officers who collaborated on this work. the book is intended for both newcomers and
. >> thank you for having me. >> kelly: fox news alert. we are awaiting the pentagon's briefing on the situation in libya. it's expected to begin at any moment. it will be an operational briefing and i will bring it to you live. we are learning throughout the stay dai that the president will be making a statement live within the hour. [ male announcer ] escape convention. introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. welcome to the darker side of green. see your lexus dealer. ♪ are you having any joy? ♪ what you getting out of liing? ♪ ♪ what good is what youe got ♪ if you're not having any joy? ♪ ♪ are you having any laughs? ♪ are you getting any ling? ♪ ♪ if other people do, so can you ♪ ♪ have a le joy [ female announcer ] how does your next week look? why not get away and book a royal carbean cruise at today? >> jamie: welcome back. waver live and stay live as the news breaks this hour. this is a fox news alert. i want to show you the pentagon where a briefing wi
tv a program that originally aired live on three former high-level pentagon insiders take a critical look at how the defense department operates. thomas christie, franklin spinney and pierre sprey are all contributors to the book "the pentagon labyrinth." this is about an hour. [inaudible conversations] >> good evening. thanks for being with us tonight. i'm drew, the executive vice president for the world security institute. the institute is the nonprofit organization that's home to our center for defense information and our strauss military reform project whose latest work "the pentagon labyrinth: ten short's essays to help you through it," is the reason we've gathered here tonight. the goal of the project is to transform u.s. national security to meet the missions and threats of today. and it believes that it's essential that we consider both the fiscal and the strategic implications of defense programs. and it promotes informed oversight of pentagon activities. the pentagon labyrinth is edited by the pr
the u.s. will be using in libya. and what we plan strikes. a live report from the pentagon is in moments we're also tracking the nuclear crisis underway in japan. a live report from there as well. this incredible video from a tsunami survivor. stuck in his car when the monster wave hit. what would you do if you were behind the wheel of that vehicle? we'll show you what happened next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a dy at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in moti. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like ce
to be somewhere in the area of 30 to 40. so the pentagon now will wait 6 to 12 hours, get an assessment of what they hit and then move on from there. jonathan. >> chris lawrence, thank you very much. again, we're following the breaks news here on cnn of the situation in libya. new photos you're looking at from the u.s. navy. i'm don lemon from the cnn headquarters in atlanta. >> i'm jonathan mann. a special edition of "the situation room" with wolf blitzer is next. >>> thanks very much. french jets take off. the allied gauntlet comes down. a coalition of western and arab states launching the first strikes on libya. >> yoins in firing missiles against gadhafi's forces around misrata, to stop gadhafi from butchering his own people. >>> at this hour the besieged town of benghazi is in tatters we're told but still in the control of the rebels. after days of pleading for help they're getting it right now. the international community responding with decisive force. >>> hello to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we want to welcome you to a special edition of
of the arab league countries. >> also the pentagon briefing is coming up at 3:15 and we will be taking that live. i mentioned earlier today that we're going to see secretary gates delaying his trip to russia. he wants to stay in the states at least for another day and manage this more hands on before he leaves so we'll wait and see what the perspective is from the pentagon. chuck, thank you for keeping tabs on the president's perspective there in brazil. appreciate that. let me bring in former general barry mccaffery who is now an msnbc military analyst. jonathan alter who is an msnbc political analyst and national affairs columnist for "newsweek." general, let me begin with you. we've seen now the french taking the first strikes -- striking at these armored vehicles. who do you expect next to send planes into the sky or to bomb targets in libya? >> well, clearly, the uk is now executing their operational plans. they've moved the aircraft down into the region. we should expect to see some participation by the danes, maybe the canadians and others. uae apparently has their aircraft now
are watching our special worldwide coverage of the conflict in libya. >> a pentagon briefing on coalition military strikes in libya is set to begin at any moment in the states. we will bring that to you live when it happens. meantime, here is what is happening right now in libya. >> libyan army spokesperson says that the country's armed forces have ordered an immediate cease-fire. that comes after the americans, french, british military forces launched operation odyssey dawn, mission to eliminate moammar gadhafi from attacking his own people. >> multiple air and missile strikes hit libyan military targets since the operation began 24 hours ago. u.s. joint chiefs of staff chairman admiral mike mullin said most of gadhafi's air defense systems and airfields have been taken out. libyan ground forces have been hit and a no-fly zone is in effect. gadhafi called the coalition nations "the new nazis" and he is vowing to fight back. >> we will be victorious. we will achieve victory on behalf of the people. we have allah with us. you have the devil on your side. [ gunfire ] >> and that is just som
a third war in the middle east, word tonight the pentagon expects to turn control of the mission in libya over to our allies in a matter of days. i'm harris falkner, we're live with a special edition of fox report. >> it's just the beginning. >> the u.s. and allies, now seeing the effects of a full scale military operation to stop libya's leader, muammar gaddafi. >> and effectively he hasn't flown any in the last few days, i would say the no-fly zone is effectively in place. >> harris: that was 24 hours ago, and tonight, fox reports live from tripoli. what our journalists on the ground are seeing now. plus, life saving supply already running low in japan's devastation zone. now traces of radiation found in even more food sources. but a month a frantic rush to contain a nuclear disaster. >> earthquake survivors pulled from the wreckage. we're live from japan where a new day begins. we begin tonight with a heavy bombardment by coalition forces inside libya. mixed messages by muammar gaddafi who has called for a new cease-fire and promises to fight to the death at the same time. here is wher
the economic crash. now quite. not quite. it comes from a pentagon report. this report. it was issued by their regular war fair support program and done by an economic analyst that has been around for a while he's no kook. his name is kevin freeman. it took seven months to complete. now he is not a wack job, not a guy who needs to make a name for himself he's a trusted pentagon analyst. i have to tell you, i don't know if he is right. but i know we should be aware of this. because there are a couple of things that don't feel right to me. let me show you first what he found. he found that first of all, terrorists and other financial enemies were likely responsible for the u.s. financial collapse in 2008. that doesn't mean we're -- we were irresponsible as well, but they took advantage. the attack, which began in 2007, he says is a three-tiered attack the report claims two of the phases are complete. two of them. but the third one is not. he says it may be underway right now. he also, freeman, reports here on who the lead suspects would be. he said islamic terrorists. hostile members of
from the pentagon. jennifer? >> reporter: we do not have any official word yet from pentagon officials about the bomb damage from the 114 tomorrow ma hackl missiles which -- tomahawk missiles fired from two u.s. destroyers in the mediterranean and three u.s. sub marines and one british sub marine. they were fired off of those at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. takes about an hour flying time for the tomahawks to strike their targets. there were about 20 targets evenly divided between the capital of tripoli as well as misred aed ta where we he do understand from reports on the ground that an air force academy was targeted there as well as the main air base that qadaffi has. also, two strikes against sert, the hometown of qadaffi but none against benghazi where the rebels are holed up. they wanted to avoid any casualties in benghazi. >> judge jeanine: that, of course, being the rebel stronghold. we are now six hours into the cruz missile attack. is it true that it will take in fact hours more for us to know the full extent of the cruz missile attacks? >> reporter: i think they are starting to ge
to stand by for a moment because i want to bring in our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence. the pentagon very reluctant to get involved militarily in libya, but the u.s. military is now, shall we say, all in. >> that's right, wolf. to a certain extent, yes. in this early stages, in terms of taking out air defenses, the u.s. military is all in. but it looks like they will be deferring a lot of the enforcement of the no-fly zone to the european jets and pilots. but for now we've saw them taking direct aim and targeting his surface-to-air missile sites. by firing tomahawk missiles from the ships, they were able to target some of these missile sites without putting say flight crews at risk trying to fly over these assets. take a look at what a pentagon official said just a few hours ago in trying to describe where they targeted and comparing that to where the no-fly zone will hope to be established. >> on or near the coast, a fact which made it vital to enforce a no-fly zone. >> at this point, we are creating the conditions to be able to set up the no-fly zone. and once we have established a
at protecting innocent libyans in forces on the ground. pentagon saying the air strikes appear to be successful so far but even our country's top military man admits that can khadafy could remain in power when it's all over. >> eric: steve is jiomg us live where moments ago the experience of a new round of aircraft fire and tracer fire going up in the night sky. we talked to you a few minutes ago. what is the latest? >> reporter: we just heard from the head of the libyan armed forces he is announcing another cease-fire, one to began within half an hour but we have been hearing nothing on the ground here. heavy anti-aircraft going up into the sky in downtown tripoli. after real heavy fire around 2:30 this morning. here is what it sounded like. [ gun shots ] >> that is all right. >> we're still up, right. just off to my right, that was a large explosion, it could have been been a cruise missile and tremendous amount of anti-aircraft fire, red tracers filling up the sky. certainly you could hear that thunder. that is heavy anti-aircraft fire and we are seeing more tracer fire, as well. now it's a
regime forces fall through. >> reporter: they heard loud explosions. at the pentagon sunday afternoon the dictator himself was said not to be on the target list. >> if he senses and missile sites we have no idea. we do not know where he is. >> reporter: they started operation on saturday. the fed mandated no-fly zone. the coalition forces now ruled the air. earlier sunday khaddafi blasted the united states calling them not see. he says " belong for is the head. " the regime says dozens of libyans, mostly civilians, have been killed. the pentagon says precautions are being taken to avoid non-military areas. they say there has been " significant casualties " >> vicki: secretary of defense, robert gates says the white post is in private president barack obama need support from the regions. >>bryan: wind and rain has died down. more whether on the weight >> vicki: at&t deal at the biggest cellphone company in the country. they make about 30 percent more than other itself and companies. they're going to expand even more. officials are estimating the they can't expand by 16,000. this on the
as the crisis in libya, the unrest there unfolded, the pentagon, the president, the secretary of defense, the secretary of state were all very reluctant warriors, to put it mildly. be now that the u.s. is in, i think it's fair to say the u.s. is all in. and they're not going to stop until in the end gadhafi is gone. >> in fact, wolf, it's fair to say they did it diplomatically or with a certain amount of guile letting the french introduce the resolution and letting the french fly first into libya and carry out the first attack. as we've seen in the last few days and the last few hours, the u.s. has provided a lot of the diplomatic and now the military muscle. >> there's a lot of muscle under way right now. i suspect it's only just beginning. overwhelming force, that's what general colin powell used that phrase during the first gulf war back in 1991, 20 years ago. if you get in, you have to use overwhelming force. that's what the generals and the admirals want. and that's what's happening. >> it changes this completely. up until now, moammar gadhafi's forces were facing a rag-tag group of
. >> the pentagon says anything related to the command and control of libyan forces will be targeted. witnesses say a cruise missile struck the compound, badly damaging a building near the tent. it is not clear where he was. but the u.s. says he is not a target. >> it's not about seeing him go. it is about supporting the u.n.'s resolution. >> the pentagon called "operation oddyssey dawn" very successful. >> we have detected no radar emmissions. >> u.s., british, and french aircraft also attacked tanks heading for bengazi. qaddafi vowed to fight a long war. >> we will get victory on behalf of the people. >> dozens of civilians have been killed, but the pentagon reports no civilian casualties. they will turn over primary control in a few days. >> we will be a member of the coalition, but we will not have the main role. >> nato has not agreed to a play to enforce the no-fly zone. live in washington. tv 11 news. >> we know the president is on the trip to latin america. what has he said lately? >> the president has not said anything specific. we do know that he was on a conference call. he has been foll
, but that the city budget -- citicorp will do when it has to do. the pentagon says coalition forces are now enforcing a no- fly zone over libya. anti-aircraft marked the second night of what strikes as gaddafi about to fight a long war. sally kid is live with more. sally? >> the defense department says the strikes have been very effective and have significantly degraded the regime of's air defense capabilities. the pentagon says coalition forces have taken out numerous targets including elements of the libyan air defense system and forces loyal what to gaddafi. >> we believe his forces are under significant stress and suffering from isolation in the confusion. >> the military says they were necessary in establishing the no-fly zone which is not only in effect. of the u.s. says gaddafi is not a target. >> it is very focused in ensuring that he cannot continue to execute his own people. >> in benghazi, they celebrate putting a halt on gaddafi's assault on the city. president obama only briefly mentioned libya in brazil today. >> receive the people in libya taking a courageous stand against the regime l
the pentagon was attacked. they were presented with a piece of stone from the pentagon. the arlington fire chief says the action of the firefighters on 9/11 were extraordinary but also emblematic of their service every day. >> it's not the event that defines this organization. it is the caring and excellent service you provide to every single 911 call every single day that defines who we are. >> the pentagon's down is on display in fire station no. 5 in arlington. it will remain there until a permanent exhibit honoring first responde >>> 40 distinguished individuals are in washington for the 150th anniversary of the medal of honor. >> they will be honored at arlington national cemetery. >> fresh off the flight from new york, it was a heroes' welcome from the start. medals of honor are around their necks, they made their way through a path of proud service members into a sea of admiration and applause. >> just another typical arrival at the airport. >> but it was they who did it running the nation's highest military honor for valor in combat against an enemy force. >> january 12th
is our man at the pentagon with more. chris, before i let you tell us what the pentagon is staying, i've just learned that the united arab emirates has decided, and they're going to officially announce, they will dispatch 12 fighters, six f-16s, six mir arge fighters to make sure they participate in this no-fly zone. in addition to the humanitarian assistance they're providing the libyan people, they will get militarily involved. so it won't just be qatar, it will also be the united arab emirates. i'm sure that would be warmly welcomed by the pentagon. >>. especially after the fact we learned -- that would make two arab nations actually having planes. that was a key sticking point, not to just provide verbal assistance or humanitarian aid assistance, but to actually take a part in flying some of these missions. if you look at the numbers to see how much the u.s. is firmly in control, if you add up all the sorties flown, that's combat, refueling, that's everything that goes into making the no-fly zone work. if you add up all these flights, the u.s. during the last reporting period flew
bombers that were flown in from missouri. but the pentagon says it expects to hand over control of the operation to allies in a matter of days. libya's moammar gadhafi says he is prepared for a long war. two nights of attacks from american and european forces show what he is up against. more than 120 tomahawk missiles launched over the weekend. plus, fighter jets and b-2 bombers. they took out tanks of gadhafi supporters. struck aircraft hangars. an ally strike even hit gadhafi's compound, yards from his tent. the u.s. insists gadhafi is not a target. libya's military spokesman called for a cease-fire. >> i question anything out of -- that gadhafi calls for. he called for a cease-fire and then told his troops to move into benghazi. >> reporter: the u.s. says the no-fly zone is now in place. though, the pentagon says future american involvement will be limited. >> we will be a member of the coalition. we will have a military role in the coalition. but we will not have the preeminent role. >> reporter: president obama continued with a long-planned economy-focused trip to brazil. h
in with more we go to jennifer griffin lives in the pentagon. is the u.s. leading the operation? >> i would say, yes, in fact, the french may have flown the first air sorties. but the u.s. is in command and control of the coalition operation with the first tomahawks fired. it is basically u.s. vessels that are doing most of the firing. there is a submarine and 111 u.s. naval war ships. we have the first pictures from the uss berry of the tomahawks being launched. 112 missiles were fired and triking 20 sites in libya tonight. the u.s. doesn't plan to be involved in the lead for long. they will hand over in transition in a matter of few days but they are in command and control because of unique capabilities with the tomahawks that the u.s. has in triking the air defense system. fox news sunday, they will talk more about the logistics of the operation. >> air defense system. how long before we get the bomb damage assessment? >> it could be from hours we are told, in the next day or so, they are going to need to make sure the sa 5 air defense systems and soviet air defense systems are out . make su
partners. while the u.s. is taking the lead for now, the pentagon says u.s. will taking on more of a support role over the next few days. >> they allow us to penetrate a height what we would call a medium to high threat without putting their crew at risk. >> the pentagon says that's the second phase of the operation. air flights patrolling the no fly zone over tripoli. maurine. >> it seems the obama administration is trying to look supportive in this effort as opposed to another u.s. led war. is that the sense you're getting? >> that's exactly what they're doing. don't make any mistake about it. the u.s. is firmly in control. they have unique capabilities, but they will be taking a secondary role soon. they are being careful about appearing to lead an invasion of an arab country and tonight, we've had confirmation that british jets have also launched air strikes in libya, too. so those british jets will be part of that no fly zone as well. >> any indication that gadhafi will give up? this is a guy that has been in power for many, many years and has actually withstood a will
, who at the pentagon has been fired for coming up with the first name ever for a military adventure? so far, no one. two reasons no one has been fired. number one, most of the media seems to think military action has more important questions. two, the media is always excessively differential to the pentagon's war titles. the media is always excessively differential to the pentagon in general. the pentagon gets away with murder and bad titles. they are especially forgiving. we know how tricky they can be and they don't always make sense. like "the o'reilly factor." what does that mean? why isn't it the o'reilly show? titles don't always make sense, for example the last word that is followed by two other shows. so clearly what gets said on the last word is not actually the last word on that network or anywhere else. tv titles never have been under much pressure to make sense. it is probably tv titles that gave the people at the pentagon the idea that they could use anything, literally anything they wanted as a title and it would be accepted. adam had the grand impert nens to ask officials
'll be able to tell you what the president is saying, his first remarks since we reported through the pentagon and jennifer griffin that the united states has launched the first military operations against libya and in support of the rebels there. we got two-minute warning. here it is now. here is the president. >> effort to protect civilians. the action has now begun. in the effort the united states is acting with broad coalition that is committed to enforcing the united nations security council resolution 1973 which calls for the protection of the libyan people. a coalition met in paris today to send a message and brings together many of our european and arab partners. this is not an outcome that the united states or any of our partners sought. even yesterday the international community offered muammar khadafy the opportunity to pursue and immediate cease-fire, one that stopped the violence against civilians and the advances of khadafy's forces, but despite the hollow words of his government, he has ignored that opportunity. his attacks on his own people have continued. his forces have been
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is happening, quoted a pentagon spokesman saying there will be no strikes on moammar gadhafi's palace compound and we were told that this was a building that was used by officials coming to meet moammar gadhafi in a nearby tent. from what we could see, the building didn't serve any other purpose, certainly didn't seem to be a command and control type building. we didn't see any cables or antennas and a couple journalists we talked to said they had been in there a few days earlier to meet moammar gadhafi. the building very heavily damaged, debris spread over a wide area. government officials very angry about the inconsistencies they have a coming from the pentagon. don? >>> fantastic reporting from our senior international correspondent nic robertson and also in the region, arwa damon joins us from eastern libya with the latest on the offensive and rebellion. i understand tense calm is how to describe the situation where you are, arwa. >> reporter: that's right, don. ever since gadhafi's forces launched their attack on benghazi yesterday, we've seen most of the shops here remaining closed and w
said what is happening. he quoted a pentagon spokesman saying there would be no strikes in moammar gadhafi's palace compound. we were told this was a building used by officials coming to meet moammar gadhafi in a nearby tent. from what we could see, the building didn't serve any other purpose. certainly didn't seem to be sort of a command and control-type building. where there's cables and satellites coming from it. they had been in there a few y days earlier waiting to meet gadhafi. the building heavy damaged. government officials very angry about the inconsistencies they say coming from the pentagon. don? >> all right, fantastic reporting from our senior international correspondent nic robertson. also on the ground in the region, arwa damon joins us with the latest on the offensive and the rebellion. i understand intense calm is being used to describe the situation where you are, arwa. >> reporter: that's right, don. ever since gadhafi's forces launched their attack on benghazi yesterday, most of the shops remaining closed. we've seen an increased number of checkpoints manned b
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't want to do this. the pentagon certainly doesn't want to be in libya. they have said, we should be worried about bahrain and saudi arabia, not libya. there are far greater national security interests going on particularly when you look throughout the region. libya is just not -- which is why i think you're seeing this appearance of a completely inconsistent policy. president obama himself in announcing that we were going to be doing military strikes was very -- at the same time he says we're going to war says, it's not going to be long, only a few days, not weeks. you know, you definitely get this sort of push/pull type of feeling, which i think -- >> jim miklaszewski, you've covered presidents and pentagons. here was candidate obama on this program interviewed by tim russert back in 2006. listen to this. >> and what would, in your mind, define a great president? >> obviously most of the time it seems that the president has maybe 10% of his agenda set by himself and 90% of it set by circumstances. >> well, we're living firmly in 90%. yet leadership tests how he'll be defined are
on a civilian area. >> pentagon is making it clear that the french are part of the coalition but they're not the attacks that the french made on that he has armored vehicles earlier today was not part of operation "odyssey dawn." it began when the american ships fired the targets . general mccaffrey, how far does this go in crippling gadhafi's ability to inflict violence against his people and against these armed rebels? >> almost no impact at all. i think it does have a psychological impact on the leadership, which i would hope might contribute to some of his support starting to evaporate. but in the short run, from the military perspective, the problem is the suppressed populations that already captured cities by gadhafi to include tripoli with a couple of million people. and what will gadhafi do with his armor in the coming 72 hours? will he plunge into benghazi or will he do something else? >> let me bring in a middle east policy expert at the brookings institute and also a professor at the university of maryland. the united states is saying that the libyan leadership, that govern
libya, plus a look at some recent pentagon >>> welcome to "this week indefense news." i'm vago muradian. defense secretary robert gates details how to save $13 billion, but how much of that is totally new? plus as the u.s. government works to develop a strategy for rare earth minerals vital to modern electronics and weapons, one analyst is urging a free market approach. but, first, the united states and nine of its allies forged a coalition that has spent the last week in enforcing a no-fly zone over libya. it's a mission with many firsts, including the combat bay du of the multifighter jet and the royal air force has mounted a strike mission from british soil. but questions abound about the future of the operation, specifically how long it will last, who will control it and what's the end game. joining us is a man who commanded the coalition no-fly zone over northern iraq, dave datula, a retired air force general who is the services chief of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. sir, welcome back to the show. >> hey, vago, great to be here. >> the operation came together very
of injuries. this after the pentagon said that the libyan leader himself was not a target. the u.s. is stressing that this is an international effort, but look at this number tonight. 124 tomahawk missiles have been fired into libya so far, all but two fired by the u.s. we tackle three major questions here. how long will this operation last? how long will the u.s. play a leading role? despite what we heard from the pentagon, will gadhafi himself at some point become the target? and, just who are the rebels the u.s. is now backing? our team on it again tonight, leading us off, martha raddatz in washington. martha, good evening. what's the latest? >> reporter: good evening, david. u.s. military attacks on libya have only intensified in the last 24 hours. targeting not just gadhafi's air defenses but his troops and war planes as well. throughout the night and into the dawn, u.s. war planes, including marine corps jets launched from u.s. ships in the mediterranean and air force fighter jets took aim at gadhafi's troops advancing from the southwest to benghazi. the rebel stronghold th
to the pentagon. they've been thinking about this for a while >> well, the pentagon is making some progress. bob gates and bill lynd, the deputy secretary. >> rose: he talked to us. >> they're making progress and keith alexander is the new head of cyber command and very good. the problem is the pentagon is just a little part of it. 80% of the internet is owned by the private sector and that's not under the pentagon, it's under homeland security and outside of the government entirely. so people say the pentagon has done a good job on what's called dot-mill. military communications. but dot-gov, all government communications, has a long way to go and dot-com, all the other domain names, we're a long, long way to go. >> rose: so the 21st century will be marked by, among other things, the decline of the nation state? >> i wouldn't call it decline as such. >> rose: okay. but you do underline the rise of non-state actors. >> that's absolutely right. and what's happened is governments have the most capability but the stage is more crowded. they used to have the stage mostly to themselves. now there are
and are getting a tour. they cannot show the faces of people, and it is really controlled by the pentagon. and this is the only footage until now that we can see from inside. >> is that the point you're trying to make with this film, to show what really -- are given an indication of really goes on inside guantanamo? >> of course. we know all the people being interviewed and interrogated are not being filmed, but this is the only time it has been released. it is not because they wanted it. it is because some canadian a secret agent went to guantanamo to do this interrogation, and he came back with the footage. then we were able to get this material, but through the supreme court of canada. >> let's get another bit of that footage. >> when i met omar in background, his treatment was different from everybody else's. >> [inaudible] >> they look like they're doing well to me. i think you're getting good medical care. >> know, i am not. >> so that was four years later. obviously, a very different from how he was at the beginning. you can see that obviously this young man -- >> it was not four y
. >>> a long term project is expected to create 50,000 jobs and 5000 of them in california. the pentagon is awarding a contract to boeing. the pentagon wants them to make 18 tankers that can be refueled in the air. they replaced the older tankers. they're modeled after the boeing 757 jets. this professor says they're ideal. >> one of the factors that was considered by the air force was that the life cycle cost of the 767 would be lowered. this is the first step in a $35 billion contract with the  pentagon. eventually, a fleet will be built. >>> this week, president obama signed a temporary solution to prevent a government shutdown. the republican backed spending bill is only enough to keep the government running for two weeks. the leaders an officials still need to compromise on a long term deal to fund the government throughout the fall. this public science professor says that all though the fight isn't over, there's agreement among the two parties. >> you know, i think that everyone will agree that cuts are necessary, democrats and republicans. that's the way that public opinion is g
day. but the pentagon says, muammar qaddafi is not a target. i'm russ mitchell. also tonight, on the ground, a defiant qaddafi shoots back bowing a long war as rebels take rounds in benghazi. >> anxiety rises in quake ravaged japan as food and water show signs of nuclear contamination. >>> and staying connected, technology provide's lifeline for students trying to find loved ones in japan's disaster zone. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> good evening. a second wave of u.s.-led air attacks against libya is under way tonight as b2 bombers from the first wave return to their base in missouri late tonight. on the ground, u.s. aircraft attack libyan forces south of benghazi for the first time while muammar qaddafi remained defiant, calling nations allied against him the party of satan and vowing to fight inch by inch for his country. we have correspondents on the ground in libya and in washington with the latest and we begin with national security correspondent david martin at the pentagon. >> an unmanned reconnaissance zone takes o
keeps mounting...suugesting the pentagon may need tt ask for a war supplemental from congress. the cost to date? at least $240 million for the tomahawk issiles fired. 31 million dollars for the f-15 jet that crashed. us defense officials say qaddafi and his forces are still not in compliance with the un security council resolution and must pull out of 3 citiis including mmsrata and ajdabiya.locklear says: "we've told him to withdraw, pstablish water, electricity, and gas supplies to all areas, and allow humanitarian assistance, then the fighting would stop. our job would be over." with qaddafi continuing to make threats,, pentagon officials say he is still in breach of un security council resolution 1973 ... but they also add that by this time next week the expect to transition command of the operrtion over to either the french or british under a nato plus arab states type of structure. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. late ttnight, french president nicolas sarkozy announced that he and president obama had agreed on the means of using nato's c
-fly zone over libyan skies.the pentagon says coalition forces are enforcing the orrer and now rule the air. one eyewitnnes says that whhle the missile and bomb attacks forces are iitimidating ... we're scared of what will be the domestic reaction towards those strikesfears peehapssnot unfounded...on sunday gadhafi its coalition ited states and - partners...calllng them nazis and terroristt and sayiig a long war lies ahead.even if we like martyrdom,,we tell you we will not die ou will diethe regime says dozens of libyans have been killedd.mostly civilians.the pentagon says precautions are being taken to avoid non-military areas..and says ii has seennno reports of quotee- significant civilian casualties..'m barbarr hall reporting from atlanta. the pentagon says it is taking a wait and see approach on the gadhafi cease-fire announcement, and is urging the rrgime to commit to it. back here...tragedy in northwest baltimore. a four-year-old boy iss dead...after he shot himself in the face with a gun. and as myranda stephens tell us first on fox and friends of the child's mo
to show a hospital treating civilian victims of overnight air strikes. the pentagon calls it lying propaganda. this state tv anchor brandished an ak-47 declaring himself ready to die for the colonel. >> he sees himself as in vulnerable and this is his finest hour. >> with gaddafi looking for a way out, secretary of state hillary clinton issued a challenge. >> gaddafi has a decision to make. this is people around and have decisions to make. the quickest way for him to end this is to actually serve the libyan people by leaving. >> the present obama policy is being kept -- criticized on capitol hill from the left. george miller says the president and exceeded his authority by committing u.s. troops there. >>> loudoun county sheriff's department officials hope a sketch will now lead them to the man who attacked a woman last week. look at this stage. he is described as having a flat corporate news, a large mall on his neck and gaps in the teeth and drives a black late 1990's jeep. a woman said she was in the ashburn village shopping center when she asked to use this man's cell phone. wh
are raining on libya. just a short time ago the pentagon made it very clear, we're not giving after gadhafi himself. at least not now. they're trying to stop gadhafi from attacking his own people. tonight the no-fly zone is firmly in place over libya. gadhafi himself is voeing, quote a long war. look at this number tonight. 124 tomahawk missiles have been fired into libya so far. we tackled three major questions here. how long will this operation last? how long will the u.s. play a leading role? and will gadhafi himself become a target? our team is on it again tonight. leading it off is martha raddatz. >> u.s. military attack on libya have been intensified in the last 24 hours. targeting not just gadhafi's air defenses but his troops and war planes as well. throughout tonight and into the dawn, u.s. war planes including marine corps jets launched from u.s. jets in the med and air force fighter jets took aim at gadhafi's troopsed a vancing from the southwest to benghazi. >> benghazi is not completely safe from attack. we believe his forces are under significant stress and suffering from both
on this coalition as soon as possible. pentagon officials repeated sunday that they plan to hand over command and control of the mission in days, not weeks. qatar sent four planes to join french fighter jets but some arab countries are coming with caveats how the airplanes can be used. >> there are french airplanes over benghazi. we will have a 24-7 cap there from now on and effectively he hasn't flown anything in the last couple of days so i would say the no-fly zone that we were tasked to put in place is in place. >> reporter: commanders on the ground in the middle east were not quite ready to go so far suggesting with a country the size of alaska it would take time, hence the next wave of tomahawks following the 114 missiles filed saturday from the uss berry, a navy destroyer, three u.s. submarines and one british sub. initial satellite photos show the need for more tomahawk strikes. officials did not expect the mission to include targeting moammar gadhafi personally. >> i haven't been given a mission beyond the one that i just described. >> reporter: but another u.s. officials say, quote,
correspondents throughout the region. we want to begin at the pentagon with our pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski. jim, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. u.s. warplanes and coalition aircraft are in the air again tonight over libya, on the prowl for targets of opportunity. libyan anti-aircraft fire lit up the skies over tripoli tonight. another futile attempt to defend against overwhelming american attacks. a dozen more cruise missiles pounded libyan military targets as u.s. marine harrier jets destroyed a convoy of armored vehicles south of benghazi. in chile today, president obama said the coalition assault was absolutely necessary to prevent the massacre of defenseless libyans by moammar gadhafi. >> a leader who has lost his legitimacy decides to turn his military on his own people. we can't simply stand by with empty words. >> reporter: in two days of intensive bombing, u.s. and coalition forces have wiped out most of libya's air defenses and safely established a no-fly zone. but american warplanes also turned their guns on libyan ground forces, destroying tanks and
. a hand-over to nato for the supervision of this strike. even though the pentagon warned libya today, quote, we will continue to hit you, the u.s. is anxious to shift some of this to somebody else. and just as there have been new and loud explosions in tripoli this evening, there are late developments in this story tonight. we want to begin our coverage with our chief foreign affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell. good evening. >> reporter: after another day of high-stakes, diplomatic wrangling, the u.s. has gotten the allies to agree nato will take command of the libyan military operation, at least the no-fly zone. the president back in the white house after his trip to latin america met with his national security team today. as the pentagon announced the u.s. is drawing back from leading the operation. >> nearly all, some 75% of the combat air patrol missions in support of the no-fly zone are now being executed by our coalition partners. >> reporter: despite that claim, americans have been flying 70% of all combat missions this week, leading to questions from congress about americ
is the endgame? captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, everyone. the pentagon tonight says the allied assault on libya's military has inflicted heavy damage on moammar gadhafi's forces and grounded his combat planes. that assault, which we now know is being led by american warplanes, including long-range stealth bombers, has targeted both libya's air defenses and ground troops in an effort to halt gadhafi's attacks on anti-government rebels. but coalition officials insist gadhafi himself is not a target. tonight, as anti-aircraft fire lit up the skies over tripoli, libya's military command order claimed again it wasrding its units to observe is i cease-fire, a claim western forces are skeptical of. we begin tonight with jim miklaszewski. jim? >> reporter: lester, there's only been one full day of american and coalition air strikes against libya, but senior u.s. military officials are already declaring the no-fly zone a success. but there could still be plenty of fighting ahead for the u.s. military. for the second straight night, u.s. and british tomahawk cruise missil
, gaddafi demanded attacks stop and called for arab nations to stand behind him. >> the pentagon is trying now to assess how much damage saturday's missile strikes did to libya's military capabilities. the allies are targeting libya's airports so they can enforce a united nations mandated no fly zone. according to libyan state television, the strikes killed 48 people, wounding 158 others. interest there is no evidence of that. that rofrt has not been indly confirmed. >> and we have seen the first wave after tacks so what can we expect next? joining us live now is doug mcelway. >> he can expect to see bomb damage assessment, that is the next key phase, right about now, sun should be coming up over liba. we're going to get probably realtime pictures of this of the damage there. the military does not need daylight to commence that bomb assessment damage they have night-vision capabilities so they're probable lay come laigt evidence of the extent of the damage right now. we hear from the military it takes six to 12 hours to accumulate that. given the fact first bomb strikes were 3:00 a.m. east
to wonder who at the pentagon was fired for coming up with the worst name for an american military adventure. the answer? so far, no one. there are two reasons no one has been fired for this terrible name. number one, most of the media seems to think military action in libya evokes more important questions than who came up with the stupid name, and two, the media is always deferential to the pentagon's war titles. in fact, the media is always did he ever engineers anyway. we know how tricky the titles are, and they don't always make sense. like the o'reilly factor. what does that mean, why isn't it the o'reilly show. but tv shows don't always make sense. the last word is followed by two other shows on the same network. clearly what gets said on the last word is not actually the last word on that network or anywhere else, but tv titles have never been under much pressure to make perfect sense. in fact, it is probably tv titles that gave the people at the pentagon the idea that they could use anything, literally anything they wanted as a title, and it would be accepted. adam ronsley asked mili
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